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Team Gear & Wear

Suit Up!!

The following equipment items are recommended by the teams’ coaching staff.  None of these items are required but they will be used if they are purchased.  Below is a description and picture of each product, a link to where you can order each and what level of the program it will be used.  The link will send you to either the Elsmore Swim Shop or A3 Performance Team Pages for BAC.  If you have any questions on any of these products please contact your child's coach.

Look for NEW SPECIAL ORDER Team Wearcoming this fall 2023

Order BAC Wear
Mesh Bag

All Levels

Training Fins

All Levels

Water Bottle

All Levels

Pull Buoy

Age Group, Junior & Senior Levels


Junior & Senior Levels


Developmental, Age Group & Junior Levels



Nose Clip (for snorkel use)

All Levels

Team wear for Barracuda Aquatics Club & Blackline Aquatics will be offered through A3 Performance and special orders to the membership at defined times during our seasons.  Below, you will find links to the year round Team Wear pages on the A3 Performance web site for BAC and BLA.  Order any of your team wear items on these links through A3 Performance anytime throughout the year.

A3 Performance Team Wear Pages


Barracuda Aquatics Club and Blackline Aquatics do require a team suit.  The suits are there to help the kids look and feel like a team.  You will order of the suits through our sponsorship with A3 Performance.  The team suits are listed below.  The black suits are for BLA (13 & Older ages) and the blue suits are for BAC (12 & Under ages).  Just click on the suit you want to purchase in order to order with A3 Performance.

CAPS - Team caps for both Barracuda Aquatics Club or Blackline Aquatics are purchased from the club and distributed at swim meets by the coaches to swimmers that do not own one. You will get an invoice through your e-mail address for each cap that your swimmer receives at the end of the season. This is required if you are wearing a cap in competition you will be wearing one of the team caps for BAC (12 & Under ages) or BLA (13 & Older ages). The prices of each cap are below.


Barracuda Aquatics Club Team Cap = $6.00

Blackline Aquatics Team Cap = $4.00


Address:         5885 149th St W,

Apple Valley, MN 55124

Phone:             (952) 997-6255

Address:         300 Chaffee Road
                  Oconomowoc, WI 53066

Phone:             (888) 369-7946

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