1-0 Philosophy - Senior Team

The Barracuda Aquatics Club’s Senior Team will be adopting the “1-0” Philosophy during this season. This philosophy will take place at every practice throughout this season. If a swimmer, in their own evaluation, has met the criteria below of achieving a “1-0” practice they will then, and only then, place a “1-0” sticker on their “1-0” sheet. The goal is to place as many “1-0” stickers as possible on your sheet. The coaches will set a “team” goal of stickers to be placed every three weeks during the season. Remember, this is based upon your own evaluation. By not being truthful, you are hurting your own swimming and being disrespectful to this senior team and it’s overall philosophy of responsibility!

The 1-0 Philosophy criteria

A “1-0” sticker may be placed if the following criteria is met:

  • Work Ethic

  • Effort was maximized throughout the practice

  • Technique

  • Focused and applied correct technique throughout the practice

  • Focused and worked “The Little Things” throughout the practice

  • Leadership

  • Led by example and/or verbally with teammates throughout practice

  • Led by example with the Dev, AG/Jun. teams if the opportunity presented itself

  • Punctuality

  • Was on time for practice and stayed for the duration of practice

  • Communication

  • Communicated any physical or mental problems with coach that may interfere with training that day

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Bloomington Practice Locations


Oak Grove Middle School (OGM) (map)

1300 W 106th St, Bloomington, MN 55431

Shakopee Practice Locations


Shakopee West Middle School (WMS) (map)

200 10th Avenue E, Shakopee, MN 55379

Olson Middle School  (OLM) (map)           
4551 102nd St, Bloominton, MN 55437

Shakopee East Junior High School (EJH) (map)
1137 South Marschall Road, Shakopee, MN 55379

Summer Practice Location


Bloominton Familly Aquatic Center (BFAC) (map)

301 E 90th St, Bloomington, MN 55420

SWIM LESSONS: If your child needs swim lessons, please visit the Links page to find the Bloomington and Shakopee Community Education links.  They provide very good swim instruction to prepare your child for competitive swimming.

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