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Barracuda Aquatics Club Senior Team Captains

The BAC Senior Team will have a rotating captainship in Shakopee and Bloomington. There will be one swimmer from both locations that will be appointed captain by the coaching staff every two weeks during the season. These captains will be appointed based upon their performance, leadership, attendance and attitude they displayed during the practice sessions and meets during the previous two weeks. A swimmer can be appointed more than once during the season.

The captainship is designed to help swimmers understand what leadership is and to become better leaders to their teammates in and out of the water.

The captains are expected to be positive role models for the rest of the team that would include, but not limited to, helping new swimmers become familiar with the BAC way and motivate and support teammates at practices and meets. The captains will also be an extension of the coaching staff by assisting any teammates in the understanding of sets, drills or dryland.

Finally, the captains will have certain leadership responsibilities during their tenure. These responsibilities are designed to give the swimmer ownership of certain activities during practice and give them rewards for being appointed. The responsibilities are as follows:

  • Organize/design the senior team warm-up each day

  • Lead dryland when it is conducted at practice

  • Organize one leadership opportunity with BAC’s Developmental & Age Group/Junior Teams within a practice limited to 30 minutes

  • Create one senior team set within the parameters given by the coaching staff

  • Create a fun activity on the last day of tenure within the parameters given by the coaching staff

  • On a 4 week cycle, cooperate with the other captains within that cycle to create one social activity for the whole senior team.

The captains are encouraged to be creative and ask the coaching staff for ideas on the above responsibilities. Jeff’s e-mail address to ask for those ideas is Or, you can ask a coach on deck.

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