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Coach’s Approach

  • Biggest improvement will be from technique

  • Training vs. Technique

  • What will it take?

  • Communication, self-esteem, focus and persistency

  • Will be working from the mid-body out to the extremities

  • Technique Excellence under Stress & Fatigue = Competitive Swimming

  • “Talent” is the ability to produce & deliver energy efficiently

  • May have to overcome more to deliver

  • Efficient Swimming = Fast Swimming (Min/Max Swimming)

Swimmer’s Approach

  • All drills must be done with ATTENTION, FOCUS & PERFECTION

  • Must approach your technique with:

  • Communication: With your coach

  • Self-Esteem: Must believe it can be done

  • Focus: Must bring the correct technique to everything

  • Persistence: Realize this is not an overnight fix

  • Must have the ability to change and have an open mind

  • Leave your ego at the door

  • Technique must be priority not just when drills are done but in sets, warm ups and cool downs

Body Position/Extremities

  • Areas of Emphasis: Balance, Head Position, Rotation, Patience, Arm Positioning, Rhythm & Timing

  • Consistency from stroke to stroke

  • Everything works together as one

  • Work your extremities into what your mid-body is doing

  • Early Vertical Forearm (EVF) position is a must for Freestyle, Backstroke and Butterfly

  • Need to understand that EVF is the difference between every level of swimmer

  • Need to understand that stroke recoveries must not be forced

Power & Speed

  • Energy originates in the middle of the body and it is propelled by the hips (power source)

  • Hips are an energy valve; the more open the more energy

  • Keep that energy flowing forward

  • Looking for continuous forward motion; no energy breaks

  • Hitch in a stroke is an energy break

  • Everything contributes to your forward momentum

  • Long Axis Swimming: Tall & narrow

  • Short Axis Swimming: Rhythm & timing

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