Coach’s Approach

  • Biggest improvement will be from technique

  • Training vs. Technique

  • What will it take?

  • Communication, self-esteem, focus and persistency

  • Will be working from the mid-body out to the extremities

  • Technique Excellence under Stress & Fatigue = Competitive Swimming

  • “Talent” is the ability to produce & deliver energy efficiently

  • May have to overcome more to deliver

  • Efficient Swimming = Fast Swimming (Min/Max Swimming)

Swimmer’s Approach

  • All drills must be done with ATTENTION, FOCUS & PERFECTION

  • Must approach your technique with:

  • Communication: With your coach

  • Self-Esteem: Must believe it can be done

  • Focus: Must bring the correct technique to everything

  • Persistence: Realize this is not an overnight fix

  • Must have the ability to change and have an open mind

  • Leave your ego at the door

  • Technique must be priority not just when drills are done but in sets, warm ups and cool downs

Body Position/Extremities

  • Areas of Emphasis: Balance, Head Position, Rotation, Patience, Arm Positioning, Rhythm & Timing

  • Consistency from stroke to stroke

  • Everything works together as one

  • Work your extremities into what your mid-body is doing

  • Early Vertical Forearm (EVF) position is a must for Freestyle, Backstroke and Butterfly

  • Need to understand that EVF is the difference between every level of swimmer

  • Need to understand that stroke recoveries must not be forced

Power & Speed

  • Energy originates in the middle of the body and it is propelled by the hips (power source)

  • Hips are an energy valve; the more open the more energy

  • Keep that energy flowing forward

  • Looking for continuous forward motion; no energy breaks

  • Hitch in a stroke is an energy break

  • Everything contributes to your forward momentum

  • Long Axis Swimming: Tall & narrow

  • Short Axis Swimming: Rhythm & timing

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Bloomington Practice Locations


Oak Grove Middle School (OGM) (map)

1300 W 106th St, Bloomington, MN 55431

Shakopee Practice Locations


Shakopee West Middle School (WMS) (map)

200 10th Avenue E, Shakopee, MN 55379

Olson Middle School  (OLM) (map)           
4551 102nd St, Bloominton, MN 55437

Shakopee East Junior High School (EJH) (map)
1137 South Marschall Road, Shakopee, MN 55379

Summer Practice Location


Bloominton Familly Aquatic Center (BFAC) (map)

301 E 90th St, Bloomington, MN 55420

SWIM LESSONS: If your child needs swim lessons, please visit the Links page to find the Bloomington and Shakopee Community Education links.  They provide very good swim instruction to prepare your child for competitive swimming.

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