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Barracuda Aquatics Swim Meets

Over 50 years of developing young leaders in and out of the swim pool!



Several times throughout the swim season, BAC will be invited to attend other clubs swim meets.  These meets are a great opportunity for your swimmer to see how the stack up against other swimmers throughout the area and to have a lot of fun.  Swim meets are broken down by age and experience so your swimmer will go up against swimmers with similar swim skills.  The meets are generally on both Saturday and Sunday and those days are broken up by a morning session and an afternoon session.  Your swimmer can swim both days or only one should they choose so.   



BAC provides swimmers the opporunity to travel with the team for long weekend swim meets to locations outside the area, including Thunderbay in Canada, Mason City in Iowa and Madison in Wisconsin.  The team travels together, in vans, and stays together in hotels.  This is, by far, one of the greatest team building opportunities your child will experience.  When the swimmers are not in competition, they are given outside activities to keep them busy and out of trouble.  Your swimmer will always be chaperoned by a coach for your sense security.  Parents are certainly welcome to attend but your attendance is not required.   




A couple of times per year BAC will host a swim meet.  This is a great opportunity for your family to become involved in your swimmer's team and provides great opportunity to connect with other swim families and share the experience of swim.  The BAC Swim Meet Contract requests all families to provide workers to our hosted swim meets for a number of sessions as designated by the Board of Directors.  It is a huge commitment to successfully host a meet and we appreciate every family’s assistance to make it happen.


Why do we host meets?  Besides providing a venue where our kids can compete, swim meets provide critical revenue to the club which helps pay for the coaches’ salaries, pool rental and miscellaneous club expenses.  Without the revenue generated by swim meets, your swim fees would increase significantly.  Signing up for job opportunities in the hosted swim meets will be provided prior to each meet.



Swim-a-Thon is a fundraiser in which participants earn money for their team by swimming lengths of the pool. Swimmers have a two-hour period to swim a maximum of 200 lengths. Participants get pledges from businesses, family, neighbors, etc. prior to swimming. Some choose to get pledges and money prior to swimming while others get pledges per length and collect the money following the Swim-a-Thon.  Barracuda Aquatics Club hosts a Swim-A-Thon every Spring/Summer season. 

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