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Bring Your Friends to BAC

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BAC Referral Program


Barracuda Aquatics Club (BAC) has implemented a Referral Incentive Program. This program will run annually, and will be available to all BAC Members in good standing.


This program is designed to increase our current membership at BAC, while offering members a financial incentive to bring new families to Barracuda. The program will help increase our membership, thus increasing income into the Club. And at the same time, will reward you for taking the time and effort to promote BAC to your neighbors, friends and co-workers! Increased income will help offset increasing pool rental and operation costs annually.


The program will work as follows:

Every member in good standing can refer families to Barracuda Aquatics Club to become paying members of the Club. The guidelines for successful referrals are as follows:


• New members must submit a Referral Card with their registration form for the season they wish to join

• The application of the referral incentive to the current member will take effect once the new member is paid in full for the season they wish to join

• A Referral card is necessary for each family that you are referring to BAC

• There is no limit to how many new families a current member can refer in one season


The following incentives will be offered to all Members who successfully refer a family to BAC, as based on the guidelines above:


Referral for each new family:

  • Spring/Summer Season prior to Memorial Day - $50 of swim meet credits

  • Spring/Summer Season post Memorial Day – $25 of swim meet credits

  • Fall/Winter Season prior to the first full week in October - $75 of swim meet credits

  • Fall/Winter Season post first full week in October - $50 of swim meet credits

  • Fall or Winter Season prior to the 4th week of each season - $50 of swim meet credits

  • Fall or Winter Season post 4th week of each season - $25 of swim meet credits


Note: Referral Cards can be downloaded by clicking on the bright red box "BAC Referral Card".


Thanks for helping Barracuda Aquatics Clubs’ future,

President/Head Coach

Jeff Lee

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