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Over 50 years of developing young leaders in and out of the swim pool!

Sign Up for Host Meet Duties

Two to three times per year BAC will host a swim meet.  This is a great opportunity for your family to become involved in your swimmer's team and provides great opportunity to connect with other swim families and share the experience of swim.  The BAC Swim Meet Contract requests all families to provide workers to our hosted swim meets for a number of sessions as designated by the Board of Directors.  It is a huge commitment to successfully host a meet and we appreciate every family’s assistance to make it happen.

Why do we host meets?  Besides providing a venue where our kids can compete, swim meets provide critical revenue to the club which helps pay for the coaches’ salaries, pool rental and miscellaneous club expenses.  Without the revenue generated by swim meets, your swim fees would increase significantly.  Signing up for job opportunities in the hosted swim meets will be provided prior to each meet.


Click on the Sign Up Genius Logo to sign up for our hosted swim duties when it becomes available.



Below are the specific meet staffing requirements for our meets:


We will need approximately 45-50 workers per session to run this meet. There will be two sessions on one day.


Based on the scheduling and participation of workers for each session, we will try to be flexible in dealing with the membership to accommodate possible exceptions. However, if a family does not meet their work requirement, they will be charged $50.00 per session not worked (maximum of $100.00 could be charged to your account).  Again, this means that at least one adult family member must work at one session. We do not wish to make money from charges to accounts of non-workers; we need manpower to cover all the jobs at the meet. In addition this is a great way to get involved and support your swimmers and BAC. The $100.00 maximum assessment charge to non-workers represents the minimum amount that each swimmer’s dues would increase this season if we did not earn the income from hosting this meet.


All Barracuda Aquatic Club families that will have a swimmer participating during any portion of the season is required to provide worker(s) for this meet. This may include swimmers participating on each of our swim team levels: Developmental, Age Group, Junior and Senior Teams.


If it is impossible for your family to work at this meet, it is your responsibility to contact Paula Lee. Email her at to find out what job you may help with either prior to or after the meet.


PLEASE use this option only if absolutely necessary. We need every bit of help available to us and every member is responsible for the success or failure of this meet.


Please note that even if you do not have a swimmer participating in this meet, you are still required to fulfill the meet worker requirement.


If you have a friend or family member that would like to help out during the meet, they will count toward your family work commitment as long as you take responsibility for signing them up to work and informing them of the day and time that they need to be there.


BAC has earned an excellent reputation for running efficient and competitive swim meets. Please help us with your participation to continue this tradition.


Swim Meet Worker Opportunities


Below you will find a list of the jobs and descriptions that will be needed during the meet. Each of these jobs is completely trainable in a short amount of time. Please do not be concerned that you will not know how to do something. While some of the jobs do require some training and experience, most jobs just involve common sense and minor training.


Shortly before the meet, you will receive a confirmation back of what jobs and sessions you have been assigned as well as your reporting times to the meet.

Thank you in advance for your willingness to help at all of our hosted Meets. Let’s make our meets great for our kids and the club!



Meet Marshall: need 1 each session – must arrive 30 minutes before the warm-ups start time. Coordinates with Security to be sure rules of safety are being followed throughout the swimming venue. Maintains an ongoing presence on the pool deck to ensure swimmers are following rules of safety. Assists meet officials, swimmers, coaches and spectators as necessary.


Announcer: we need 1 for each session – must arrive 30 minutes before the start of the session. Keep track of the action in the pool for the spectators, also reports important meet information throughout the weekend.


Clerk of Course: need 1 each session – must arrive 15 minutes before the warm-ups start time. Monitor team and coaches check-ins, coordinate the coach changes/additions to events, coordinate postive check-ins for distance events, assist Runners when needed, etc. A second person could train on this during the meet if interested.


Head Timer: we need 1 each session – must arrive 30 minutes before the start of the session. Gives instructions to the timers and distributes watches, etc. Holds a timers’ meeting 15 minutes before the start of the session. Runs back up watches on each event and verifies times for officials.


Timers: we need 17 timers for each session – must arrive 30 minutes before session start time. Two timers per lane, one person operates the stopwatch and one person pushes the electronic timing button at the finish. Timers are also responsible for lining up swimmers in the correct order according to the program and manually recording each swimmer’s stopwatch time.


Runner: need 2 each session – must arrive 15 minutes before the start time of the session. Bring results from the timing table to the computer room and awards table. Assist timing table and meet officials with back-up times and disqualification slips.


Timing Equipment Operators: need 2 each session – must arrive 30 minutes before session start time. Responsible for operating the electronic timing equipment, recording times and places, reports discrepancies to meet officials. People willing to train on this position at the meet are always needed. Would be helpful to have your assistance in setting up this equipment on Saturday morning.


Results Computer Operators: need 1-2 for each session – must arrive 30 minutes before session start time. Verifies results and compiles data for awards, team standings, etc. Experience preferred. A second person could train on this during the meet if interested.


Awards (if applicable): need 1 each session - must arrive at the start of the session and must stay until all awards for the session are distributed. Posts meet results for spectators – results will be obtained from the Results computer operator on the pool deck. Organizes awards according to results received, labels ribbons, writes certificates and disburses awards to team representatives.


Hospitality: need 2 each session. Assist with food preparation for our hospitality area, deliver drinks and snacks to workers, coaches and officials on deck.


Concessions: need 3-4 each session. Assist with concession sales, restocking and maintenance of the concessions booth and Sunday program sales.


Program Sales (if applicable): need 1-2 for Saturday sessions and 1 for Sunday sessions – must arrive 15 minutes prior to the warm-ups start time. Sell meet programs and other items and answer general questions from spectators. Assists security workers with clean-up activities during and at the end of each session.


Security: need 1-2 each session - must arrive by the warm-ups start time. Work with the Meet Marshall to be sure rules of safety are being followed throughout the swimming venue. Also responsible for checking condition of locker rooms and directing clean up activities at the end of each session. Assist spectators and swimmers as necessary.


Stroke and Turn Judges: minimum of 2 each session – must arrive 30 minutes before session start time. This job must be trained before the meet. Minnesota Swimming provides the necessary information and certification.


Safety Officer: need 1 each session – must arrive at start of warm-ups. Maintain pool deck presence in case of emergency, minor first aid needs, etc. Must be certified and trained before the meet. Contact coaches for more information. We are required to have a trained Safety Officer on deck; with no volunteer, we’ll need to hire one!


Pre-Meet Setup: Set-up crews (3 minimum, preferably a few more!) needed to prepare the pool deck on either Friday night or Saturday morning.. Will require about 2 hours of work. Work includes running computer cable, setting up backstroke flags, putting in lane lines, roping off coaches, swim team and spectator areas and other miscellaneous tasks.  Morning work includes setting up the scoreboard, assisting vendors with table set, final computer set-up, touchpad set-up, equipment testing and other stuff that always comes up.


Post-Meet Tear-Down and Clean-up: Tear-down crews (3-5 minimum plus additional help from workers already at the meet) needed immediately following Sunday sessions. Tear-down essentially means return the pool to the condition it was found in! Everything will need to be taken down and stored. Includes meticulous cleaning of the pool deck and stands of all garbage and mess!

Equipment Manager (Summer Meet only; Pre, During & Post Meet): Coordinates and retrieves all Meet equipment needed for the meet from Minnesota Swimming and from a rental company for other Meet needs.  Will involve renting a U-Haul and reserving timing equipment with MSI.  Must sign up for all designated time slots.




Concessions Coordinator: NEED TO FILL.


Concessions Assistant: We are looking for someone to help with this position and possible take it over for future meets, this would be a good way of introducing yourself to it.


Hospitality Coordinator:  NEED TO FILL.  Coordinate food and drink donations from area sponsors and members for serving to meet officials, coaches and meet workers. Supervise hospitality staff in running water, drinks, and food to on-deck meet officials and coaches. Oversee hospitality area for coaches and meet officials. Works in conjunction with Concessions.


Advertising (Pre Meet): OPEN Coordinate and pursue paid advertising sponsors for the meet program; assist Concessions and Hospitality with food and drink donation sponsors and their ad copy; work with Meet Program director to ensure timely ad copy for program printing.


Any questions concerning these job descriptions may be directed to Paula Lee at or Catie Chang at

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