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Barracuda Aquatics Club Meet Sign Up

Over 50 years of developing young leaders in and out of the swim pool!

Swimmer Sign Up for Current Swim Meets


This Sign Up page is for BAC/BLA swimmers to sign up for upcoming swim meets they wish to participate in.  If you are trying to sign up for a worker position at one of our hosted meets go to the "Host Meet Duties Sign Up" page.  Or, if you are looking for our entries or results to a certain meet click on the red banner to the right that states "Swim Meet Entries & Results".

There are three different ways to sign up to participate in a swim meet.

1) Fill out the registration form below and click Submit below to pay for your entry into the meet through PayPal by the deadline stated on the form.

2) Click on the team logo of the swim meet you want to the right of the regisration form below that is under the heading "Meet Flyer".  Print off the flyer and bring it and your entry fee for the meet to a practice before the deadline stated on the flyer.  If you know you have meet credits available then just return the flyer to practice stating you will be using your meet credits to pay for this meet.

3) If you know that you have credit in your meet account you can also click on the red box to the right that reads "Sign Up with Meet Credits".  Be sure to include in this option the following information in the text of the e-mail: Swimmer's name; age; meet name; days participating.  This option also must be done before the deadline stated in the Meet Flyer for that meet.

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PDF Meet Info/Sign Up
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