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We are America's Swim Team!  Learn your limits then exceed them!

BAC exists for its swimmers. Swimmers, you are involved in a great sport that provides a lifetime of opportunity, but you have a present ability to connect with swimmers on your team, regionally, statewide and even nationally--no matter how well your last swim turned out. Please use the information below to learn, to plan and to enjoy this great sport. 


2020-21 Fall/Winter Season Swimmer of the Meet


BAC/PRNH Dual Invite- Kayla Brinkman & Tyler Guenin

BAC/BLA Intrasquad Invite- Hannah Von Ruden & Liam Fergus

STORM Winter Invite- Madison Lee, Ethan Gens & Annika Olson

BAC/BLA/NEP Tri Invite-

STORM Championship Invite-

Speedo Sectionals-

ISCA Senior Cup-









Tired of keeping track of all of your times? Then stop doing it! Let USA Swimming track them for you.  Click on the USA Swimming Logo to the left and find all your child's swim times and see how they have grown!



Here you will find age group time standards designed to encourage age group swimmers to step their swimming up to the next level. These time standards guide you from just starting out in your age group to reaching your highest potential. Start at Level C and work your way up to State Champ or Zone Championship times.

Minnesota Swimming's Age Group Motivational Time Standards

("BRONZE" through "Zone"):

USA Swimming National Time Standards

'21 ISCA Summer
'21 USAS Futures
'21 U.S. Open

QBQ way is the BAC way!


The QBQ! concept and method for practicing personal accountability came about as a result of John G. Miller’s 10,000 hours invested over many years in hands-on leadership, sales, change, and team training inside hundreds of organizations. This resulted in material that is real-life and common sense. QBQ! is practical, universal, and timeless because personal accountability applies to people and organizations in every market segment.  Click on the graphic to the right for more QBQ.

BAC Alumni

The Who, What and Where are our BAC swimmers competing in the 2017-18 college swim season: