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Barracuda Aquatics Club Training Philosophy - Senior Team


Stress Point System: Is based upon your resting & swimming heart rates. There are six levels of training that will have a stress point attached to it. The stress point is based upon one minute of swimming. You will not do more than two of any level in one practice session & you will not do more than a total of 200 points in one 2 hour practice session.

 The six levels of training are:

  •  Aerobic Endurance (AE) – HR 150-170; :10-:15 rest; Stress Point 2

  •  Aerobic Endurance+ (AE+) – HR 170-180; :10-:15 rest; Stress Point 2

  •  Aerobic Power (AP) – HR 180-190; :30-:45 rest; Stress Point 6

  •  Lactate Tolerance (LT) – HR above 200; 3:30-4:00 rest; Stress Point 8

  •  Lactate Production (LP) – HR above 200; 1:30-2:00 rest; Stress Point 10

  •  Sprint (SP) – 6 to 10 second bursts; :15 to :20 rest; Stress Point 4

There will be practices where we will be basing each level of training off of your specific resting heart rate that will be calculated at the beginning of the practice.

Periodically throughout the season we will be conducting a recovery-based workout. Every swim interval will be based upon the swimmers’ ability to recover.

We will break into training groups on the 4th week of the season. The groups are explained on the BAC web site.

A non-freestyle specialty stroke/event needs to be selected by that 4th week. The selection is the swimmer’s decision, if the swimmer does not notify their coach on this decision then the coach will make the decision.

Our dryland training program will be an emphasis this season. It will be conducted at each practice everyday when time is available. We will be ranging from a half an hour to an hour. It will include flexibility training, plyometric training, medicine ball, stability ball, stretch cord training & VASA swim training. Emphasis will be on abdominals, legs, arms & core body strength.

Each swimmer will be responsible for participating in a set minimum of meets that is determined by the coaches. This season’s minimum will be 2 meets before our championship meets (A/B/C Finals, State Championships, Zone Championships, Speedo Sectional Championships, Junior & Senior Nationals). Your minimum cannot have any come from our BLA Tri Meets. If you do not meet the minimum, you will not be allowed to swim on any BLA relays at our championship meets. Remember, this is a minimum. You may sign up for as many as possible. The more the meets the better!!

We will also expect you to participate in your highest qualified championship meet(s). Talk to your coach to see which meet(s) that you have qualified to swim at.

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