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Barracuda Aquatics Club Training Philosophy - Senior Team


Stress Point System: Is based upon your resting & swimming heart rates. There are six levels of training that will have a stress point attached to it. The stress point is based upon one minute of swimming. You will not do more than two of any level in one practice session & you will not do more than a total of 200 points in one 2 hour practice session.

 The six levels of training are:

  •  Aerobic Endurance (AE) – HR 150-170; :10-:15 rest; Stress Point 2

  •  Aerobic Endurance+ (AE+) – HR 170-180; :10-:15 rest; Stress Point 2

  •  Aerobic Power (AP) – HR 180-190; :30-:45 rest; Stress Point 6

  •  Lactate Tolerance (LT) – HR above 200; 3:30-4:00 rest; Stress Point 8

  •  Lactate Production (LP) – HR above 200; 1:30-2:00 rest; Stress Point 10

  •  Sprint (SP) – 6 to 10 second bursts; :15 to :20 rest; Stress Point 4

There will be practices where we will be basing each level of training off of your specific resting heart rate that will be calculated at the beginning of the practice.